Legends of Hockey - Induction Showcase - Viacheslav Fetisov
Haggar Haggar
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Wayne Gretzky The Legend
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Memorabilia Descriptions

Come to the Hockey Hall of Fame to experience "Wayne Gretzky - The Legend."
See rare memorabilia, exclusive personal artifacts and a compelling audio/visual presentation
in a limited-time exhibit. It's a great way to re-live The Great One's storied accomplishments.

"How does it feel to look behind you and see all this stuff in the Hockey Hall of Fame?"

Wayne: "I was really lucky when I grew up.  I was just like everyone else, I just played and really enjoyed it.  My father was the guy who said, 'Keep everything.'  I used to get mad at him, 'What do you want to keep all this stuff for?'  He had the foresight, I guess.  Now kids come and they can enjoy it.  I remember as a kid coming to the Hall of Fame and being able to touch Guy Lafleur's sweater and Bobby Clarke's stick.  Now my stuff is down here for everyone to enjoy."

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