Hockey Hall of Fame - 'Name Our Mascot' Contest

It's Your Time to Play & Share!

Hall of Fame visitors can try their hand at goaltending and shooting against life-sized, EA Sports animated versions of today's top players in the NHLPA Game Time model rink. Plus, call the play-by-play of one of hockey's most iconic moments and host your own SportsCentre in the TSN Broadcast Zone.

Instantly access our recordings of your experiences and share them using #HHOFPLAY

HHOF Shoot Out - Go one-on-one, using real pucks and a stick, against a life-sized, computer-simulated versions of the likes of Carey Price, Henrik Lundqvist and Jonathan Bernier.   Pepsi Shut Out - Grab your glove and blocker and feel what it's like to stare down superstars such as Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin.
TSN/RDS Broadcast Pods - Get behind the microphone and try your hand at calling one of hockey's most famous goals or iconic moments.   TSN SportsCentre Studio - Guests "audition" and test their sports anchor skills in front of a camera/teleprompter.
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