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Resource Centre Collection

The Resource Centre contains an extensive amount of hockey related material from various leagues and tournaments from around the world. Our collection dates back to the turn of the 20th century, preserved and catalogued for your researching needs.


Near complete hockey magazine runs of The Hockey News, Hockey Pictorial, Hockey Digest, Sports Illustrated, Hockey Illustrated, Hockey Today, Hockey World, Goal Magazine, Beckett Hockey Monthly, NHL This Week, Les Canadiens, Inline Magazine, The Amateur Hockey Journal, American Hockey Magazine, Stanley Cup, The Stratford Files, etc...
Hockey publications on nearly every aspect of the game including teams, league and tournament histories, player biographies, coaching, international hockey, women's hockey, the Hockey Hall of Fame, the origin of the game, arenas, trades, trivia, etc...
Various programs from professional, amateur, women's, and international hockey league games and tournaments.
Biographical photo and press clipping files on teams, leagues, trophies, and individual players.
Near complete runs of media and statistical guides from domestic and international teams, leagues, drafts, and tournaments.
Microfiche collection of The Hockey News from 1947 through to 1987.
Various hockey videos featuring game action, coaching, scouting material, etc...
Binders of collectibles including hockey cards, schedules, tickets, and postcards.
Donated personal collections containing historic photos, clippings and statistics.

Photographic Collection

The Resource Centre's photographic collection is the premier source for high quality hockey photographs. This collection contains thousands of photographs and negatives from the current season to rare archival images from leading hockey photographers protected under copyright by the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Resource Centre also houses an extensive, easy-to-access collection of individual player and team photographic files.

The Resource Centre uses a computerized collection management system (CMS) to classify, record and database the vast photographic collection. This state-of-the-art computerized system uses IBM client/server technology and a centralized database on the Resource Centre's AS/400 Advanced Series server to hold information on the entire photo collection, cross referenced with keys for accessing cataloged information. The future goal of the CMS is to provide access to the Hockey Hall of Fame's entire collection of artifacts, documents and photographs via the Internet.

Please visit our online Hockey Hall of Fame Gallery: Images on Ice, to browse through a selection of images from our vast photographic collection.


Photographer Photo Collections including the Turofsky brothers, Derik Murray, Paul Bereswill, Jack and Peter Mecca, Brain and Steve Babineau, Frank Prazak, Lewis Portnoy, James Kelly, Joe DiMaggio and Joanne Kalish, Ralph Bacon, Miles Nadal, Doug MacLellan, Matthew Manor, and Dave Sandford.
Company Photo Collections from O-Pee-Chee and Graphic Artists.
Newspaper Photo Collections from the Ottawa Citizen and Oshawa Times.
Images from international tournaments such as the '72 Summit Series, Canada Cup, World Cup, Winter Olympic Games, Men's, Women's and Junior World Championships, Spengler Cup, and many more.
Various catalogued images of amateur to the professional leagues, players, coaches, trophies, and arenas.

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