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Abby Hoffman Trophy History

This Abby Hoffman Cup was introduced in 1982 at the first Canadian National Women's Hockey Championship held in Brantford, Ontario where the Ontario Women's Hockey Association unveiled this trophy to be presented to the gold medallists.

Abby Hoffman is a noted sports figure across Canada and played minor hockey on a boys team until it was discovered that she was a female. The story broke and made headlines around the world as Abby aroused the hockey realm's attention by displaying that females would like the opportunity to play hockey. In her later years, Abby assisted the CAHA and the Branches in implementing a national women's hockey championship. As a result, it was the birth of the annual senior 'A' women's hockey championship, with representation from each province vying to win this prestigious trophy.


2007-08 Team Manitoba (Manitoba)
2006-07 Calgary Oval X-Treme (Alberta)
2005-06 Team Ontario (Ontario)
2004-05 Team Ontario (host) (Ontario)
2003-04 Team Ontario (Ontario)
2002-03 Team Alberta (Alberta)
2001-02 Equipe Quebec (Quebec)
2000-01 Calgary Oval X-Treme (Alberta)
1999-00 North York Beatrice Aeros (Ontario)
1998-99 Equipe Quebec (Quebec)
1997-98 Calgary Oval X-Treme (Alberta)
1996-97 Edmonton Chimos (Alberta)
1995-96 Equipe Quebec (Quebec)
1994-95 Equipe Quebec (Quebec)
1993-94 Equipe Quebec (Quebec)
1992-93 Toronto Aeros (Ontario)
1991-92 Edmonton Chimos (Alberta)
1990-91 Toronto Aeros (Ontario)
1989-90 Sherbrooke (Quebec)
1988-89 Sherbrooke (Quebec)
1987-88 Sherbrooke (Quebec)
1986-87 Hamilton Hawks (Ontario)
1985-86 Hamilton Hawks (Ontario)
1984-85 Edmonton Chimos (Alberta)
1983-84 Edmonton Chimos (Alberta)
1982-83 Burlington Ladies (Ontario)
1981-82 Agincourt Canadians (Ontario)