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Treasure Chest

A 1953-54 Butch Bouchard
Parkhurst hockey card.

Capitaines. Neuf des grandes légendes du Canadien,
© 1996 Michael Ulmer. Featuring several of the great Montreal Canadiens captains, including
Emile "Butch" Bouchard.

Through a marketing promotion from the St. Lawrence Starch Company from 1934 to 1967, Bee Hive hockey photos were available for free, including these two Bee Hive hockey photos of Bouchard.

In order to compile a 'Who's Who' section in the National Hockey League's Guide and Record Book, players were asked to provide information about themselves, like this information sheet on Emile "Butch" Bouchard.

The Stanley Cup 1955-56 Montreal Canadiens engraving. In his final NHL season, Bouchard captained the 1955-56 Canadiens to its seventh Cup victory and the third of his career.