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Toronto Marlboros - 1963-64

Toronto Marlboros - 1963-64
The Marlies

"We won because we have more good players than any other team." - Coach Jim Gregory.

"Too much quality and too much quantity…We've been in the finals now for five years, and the Marlies are so far ahead of the other four teams we've played that they have to be the greatest. There's nothing they can't do." - Edmonton coach Buster Brayshaw.

Nineteen sixty-four marked the first and only time the Memorial and Stanley Cups were presented in the same building (Maple Leaf Gardens).

The only Marlies loss on the road to the Memorial Cup was to the Notre Dame de Grace Monarchs, coached by Scotty Bowman.

  The four-game sweep by the Marlies at Maple Leaf Gardens was witnessed by a collective audience of just under 11,000.

The Summer After:
Within a year, many of the Marlies were playing for the Leafs or in the Leafs system, helping them win the 1967 Stanley Cup.

Regular Season Winning %: .777

Hockey Hall of Famers: (0)

Other Star Contributors:
Wayne Carleton, Ron Ellis, Jim McKenny, Rod Seiling, Brit Selby, Gary Smith, Pete Stemkowski, Mike Walton

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