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3. Canadiens Dressing Room

The Hockey Hall of Fame's Montreal Canadiens Dressing Room exhibit is a to-scale replica of the renowned space within the Montreal Forum which was home to 23 Stanley Cup champions between 1924 and its closing in 1996. Player stalls commemorating some of the greatest Habs, including Lafleur, Plante, Beliveau, Dryden and Morenz, encircle the area. Through this tribute, one can appreciate the evolution of equipment from the increasing size of goalie equipment to the decreasing weight of protective gear.

The walls are adorned with rosters of each team and portraits of every player who was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame prior to the Forum's closing. And of course, the famed passage from John McCrae's poem In Flanders Fields, "to you from failing hands we throw the torch be yours to hold it high," is boldly written high above the portraits which served as a reminder to all Montreal players the responsibility that came with donning the "bleu, blanc et rouge.".

This faithful recreation allows each guest to experience what was once considered the most inspirational room in hockey.

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