Exhibit Rentals & Interactive Games

Interactive Games:

ShutOut is An interactive hockey experience that allows you to be the goalie.

ShutOut is An interactive experience that allows you to be the goalie. Test your hand/eye co-ordination as two virtual shooters take shots on you while a monitor displays and records your success. Great fun for all ages.

In Showdown, an electronic, full-sized hockey net provides shooters an opportunity to play a variety of games including Face Off (knock out all nine lit targets), Tic-Tac-Toe and Rapid Fire (shoot at a randomly moving target). It's a sure hit for players at all skill levels

Bring the experience of the Hockey Hall of Fame to your part of the world.

The Outreach Program's mobile exhibits and interactive games are available for short and long term rentals. Take advantage of these unique and exciting attractions to make your next event legendary.

The Hockey Hall of Fame is proud to partner with interactive games specialist Top Shot Hockey from Guelph, Ontario to satisfy all of our Outreach Program needs. Top Shot Hockey is one of the industry leaders in presenting a wide range of hockey specific interactive games that challenge both the young and old.