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6. Scotiabank Hometown Hockey

Scotiabank Hometown Hockey is a salute to North American grass roots hockey.

This expansive zone contains showcases featuring artifacts, photographs and historical information pertinent to the various levels of hockey in Canada and the United States. Numerous league histories are featured, both current and defunct, as well as extensive coverage on women's and disabled hockey. The zone also features "Franchise Alley" — one of the Hockey Hall of Fame's newest exhibits which highlights the stars and history of each NHL franchise through a series of 15 showcases.

At the epicentre of the zone exists the Scotiabank Hometown Hockey theatrical multimedia exhibit. This cathedral-like area pays homage to the millions of individuals and teams that have shaped the game. Visitors can call up hockey information on virtually any North American city through a dynamic Land-sat "Geo-Hockey" interface, and explore the city's noted players, trophies, and championships.

Within this exhibit’s database lies the Scotiabank Hometown Hockey Team Photo Album, boasting thousands of North American championship team pictures.

We urge all amateur championship hockey teams from across North America to add their team photo to our collection. Its your way to enter the Hockey Hall of Fame. For more information, please contact us at

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