Hockey Hall of Fame Facility Rentals

Added Value

Merchandise Premiums
Special volume discount pricing is available on selected merchandise from our Spirit of Hockey Store for distribution to your guests as special premiums or gifts. Two popular items include Hockey Hall of Fame pucks (with client's corporate logo screened on reverse) and photographs of your guests with the coveted Stanley Cup. Inquire about other premium/gift ideas! Also note that the Spirit of Hockey Store can remain open upon request.

HHoF Pucks
with corporate logo
(Minimum 100)
$6.00 each
Stanley Cup Photos
(100+ guests)
$5.00 each
Stanley Cup Photos
(<100 guests)
$7.50 each
Honoured Member
price subject to
availability and player

Additional Charges (Optional/Variable)

Audio-Visual and Special Presentations
There is no additional charge to use the Hockey Hall of Fame theatre audio-visual systems for analog or digital projection. However, if your event requires closed circuit broadcast and/or special presentation equipment, the following optional charges may apply:
Sound system with lectern $ 225
Full-facility sound and video $ 2,500
Full-facility video (Spotlight/TSN Theatres) $ 1,500
Full-facility sound $ 2,000
Wireless lavalier — VHF $ 40
Wireless lavalier — UHF $ 125
Slide projector with wireless remote $ 95
Pool feed $ 125
Hockey stick easels No charge

Tables, Chairs, and Drapery
Skirted tables $ 25.00
Coat check $1.00 per person
Spotlight Theatre chairs No charge

Linen Package
Standard Included in "standard" packages: Poly-cotton
blend in a wide assortment of colours.
Premium $2 per person. Includes a wide range of
higher-quality linens such as damask and specialty cloths.
Deluxe $4.50 per person. Especially elegant including
a variety of brocades, tapestries and luxurious fabrics.

Seating Package
HHoF Spotlight Theatre Chair & Table$1 per person (chair no charge)
Bistro Chair & Table$3 per person (chair $2)
Chrome Stacking Chair & Table$4 per person (chair $3)
White wood folding chair$5 per person (chair $4)
Ebony Ballroom Chair (tall black) & Table$8 per person (chair $7)
Gold Ballroom Chair*$8 per person (chair $7)
*Seat colours in green, black, and ivory
Mahogany Chair$10 per person (chair $9)
Silver Chiavan - seat in ivory/black$10 per person (chair $9)

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