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Pickard, Allan

Pickard, Allan

The administrative dedication of Allan Pickard improved the amateur hockey picture in Saskatchewan and throughout western Canada. He wore many hats during his career but one constant was the high esteem in which he was held by the hockey community.

Pickard was born in Exeter, Ontario, just north of London and spent his early years in southwestern Ontario. His father owned a farm in the Frobisher district of Saskatchewan and Pickard worked there every summer. He finally decided that the west was for him and relocated permanently at the age of 15. Pickard was a fine centre on his local hockey team but, in those days, only prospects in the larger communities were noticed by the scouts.

Pickard spent a year teaching school in the country before moving to Regina as a teacher and, later, a principal. It was in the provincial capital that Pickard became heavily involved in the administration of the game. He began as the organizer of the Regina YMCA league in the mid-1920s. This circuit spawned the Regina Parks League, which became one of the model organizations in the country. Future NHLers Grant Warwick and Eddie Wiseman gained experience in this league.

During the late 1920s Pickard was the coach and president of the Regina Aces senior team. His fine work soon earned him a place on the executive on the Saskatchewan Amateur Hockey Association (SAHA). He was elected SAHA president in 1941 and went on to distinguish himself over two terms.

Pickard's most challenging task that decade came as president of the Saskatchewan Senior League. This loop was formed by an amalgamation of the north and south Saskatchewan senior teams which had been playing under their own semi-organized arrangements. Pickard fused the interests of as many of these teams as possible and the league went on to produce such NHL stars as Elmer Lach and Max and Doug Bentley.

Between 1947 and 1950, Pickard was the president of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA). He used his previous experience in Saskatchewan to mould together the divergent interests across the country. Pickard was made a life member of both the SAHA and CAHA before his death in 1975.

Pickard was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1958.

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