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Dilio, Frank

Dilio, Frank

Throughout his life long association with amateur hockey Frank Dilio was admired for his sincere commitment to the game and his firm dedication to the ideals of amateur sport. For him, hockey's value was multi-faceted and, most importantly, would teach youngsters to grow through competition and be better prepared for adulthood.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Dilio developed an interest in sport at an early age when he attended St. Ann's Boys' School under the auspices of the Christian Brothers. He became the secretary of the school's juvenile hockey club which he helped win the Quebec Amateur Hockey Association (QAHA) title in this age category.

By the mid-1930s he joined the Junior Amateur Hockey Association (JAHA) as secretary and became president in 1939. Over the next few years Dilio also served as the official scorer and statistician of the Quebec Senior Hockey League and was president and treasurer of the Atwater Baseball League. In 1943 became registrar of the QAHA and added the duties of secretary in 1952. He held both positions until 1962 when he resigned.

During his years of service with the QAHA and the JAHA he always looked at the big picture in terms of what the players could hope to attain. He believed that the role of amateur hockey was to develop character through success and adversity, individual goals and team socialization. Many future hockey stars emerged from these leagues during Dilio's affiliation including Maurice Richard and Emile Bouchard. A year after he stepped down from his hockey duties, the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association presented Dilio with their Meritorious Award for his outstanding contributions to the sport.

Dilio was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1964.

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