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Richard, Maurice

Career Statistics
Richard, Maurice
1938-39Montreal Paquette MidgetsQAHA461337140
1939-40Verdun Jr. Maple LeafsQJHL10415246392
1939-40Verdun Maple LeafsQSHL10000
1939-40Verdun Jr. Maple LeafsM-Cup7791616
1940-41Montreal Sr. CanadiensQSHL10110
1941-42Montreal Sr. CanadiensQSHL3189172762136
1942-43Montreal CanadiensNHL1656114
1943-44Montreal CanadiensNHL463222544591251710
1944-45Montreal CanadiensNHL5050237346662810
1945-46Montreal CanadiensNHL50272148509741115
1946-47Montreal CanadiensNHL604526716910651144
1947-48Montreal CanadiensNHL5328255389
1948-49Montreal CanadiensNHL59201838110721314
1949-50Montreal CanadiensNHL7043226511451126
1950-51Montreal CanadiensNHL654224669711941313
1951-52Montreal CanadiensNHL4827174444114266
1952-53Montreal CanadiensNHL70283361112127182
1953-54Montreal CanadiensNHL703730671121130322
1954-55Montreal CanadiensNHL67383674125
1955-56Montreal CanadiensNHL703833718910591424
1956-57Montreal CanadiensNHL63332962741083118
1957-58Montreal CanadiensNHL2815193428101141510
1958-59Montreal CanadiensNHL421721382740002
1959-60Montreal CanadiensNHL511916355081342
NHL Totals97854442196512851338244126188

First All-Star Team Right Wing(1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1955, 1956)
Hart Memorial Trophy(1947)
Second All-Star Team Right Wing(1944, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1957)
Missed majority of 1940-41 due to ankle injury vs. Boston, November 3, 1940. Signed as a free agent by Montreal, October 29, 1942. Missed remainder of 1942-43 due to leg injury vs. Boston, December 27, 1942. Suspended for last 3 games of regular-season and playoffs by NHL for on-ice incident in game vs. Boston, March 10, 1955. Missed majority of 1957-58 due to Achilles tendon injury vs. Toronto, November 13, 1957. Missed remainder of 1958-59 regular due to ankle injury vs. Chicago, January 18, 1959.

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