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Harvey, Doug

Career Statistics
Harvey, Doug
1942-43Montreal NavyMCHL40000
1942-43Montreal Jr. RoyalsQJHL21461017634710
1942-43Montreal RoyalsQSHL10000
1943-44Montreal Jr. RoyalsQJHL13461034426810
1943-44Montreal RoyalsQSHL11122
1943-44Montreal NavyMCHL1541524531415
1943-44Montreal Jr. RoyalsM-Cup30116
1944-45Montreal NavyMCHL3022263146
1944-45Montreal Jr. RoyalsQJHL922410
1945-46Montreal RoyalsQSHL34268901116737
1946-47Montreal RoyalsQSHL40226281711124662
1946-47Montreal RoyalsAl-Cup14491326
1947-48Montreal CanadiensNHL3544832
1947-48Buffalo BisonsAHL2417838
1948-49Montreal CanadiensNHL553131687701110
1949-50Montreal CanadiensNHL704202476502210
1950-51Montreal CanadiensNHL7052429931105512
1951-52Montreal CanadiensNHL686232982110338
1952-53Montreal CanadiensNHL694303467120558
1953-54Montreal CanadiensNHL68829371101002212
1954-55Montreal CanadiensNHL706434958120886
1955-56Montreal CanadiensNHL6253944601025710
1956-57Montreal CanadiensNHL7064450921007710
1957-58Montreal CanadiensNHL689324113110291116
1958-59Montreal CanadiensNHL614162061111111222
1959-60Montreal CanadiensNHL66621274583036
1960-61Montreal CanadiensNHL58633394860118
1961-62New York RangersNHL69624304260112
1962-63New York RangersNHL684353992
1963-64New York RangersNHL1402210
1963-64St. Paul RangersCPHL52246
1963-64Quebec AcesAHL526364230904410
1964-65Quebec AcesAHL64136377241129
1965-66Baltimore ClippersAHL677323980
1966-67Baltimore ClippersAHL24291110
1966-67Detroit Red WingsNHL20000
1966-67Pittsburgh HornetsAHL280992290002
1967-68Kansas City BluesCPHL59416201270666
1967-68St. Louis BluesNHL804412
1968-69St. Louis BluesNHL702202230+11
1969-70Laval SaintsQMJHL
NHL Totals111388452540121613786472152

First All-Star Team Defense(1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962)
James Norris Memorial Trophy(1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962)
Second All-Star Team Defense(1959)
Traded to NY Rangers by Montreal for Lou Fontinato, June 13, 1961. Signed as a free agent by Quebec (AHL), November 26, 1963. Signed as a free agent by Baltimore (AHL), June 10, 1965. Traded to Providence (AHL) by Baltimore (AHL) for cash, December 23, 1966.
Activated contract clause that allowed him to become a free agent if traded by Baltimore (AHL) and signed with Detroit (Pittsburgh - AHL), January 6, 1967. Signed as a free agent by St. Louis and named playing coach of Kansas City (CPHL), June, 1967.

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