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Granato, Cammi

Career Statistics
Granato, Cammi
1989-1990Providence CollegeECAC24242246
1989-1990U.S. National TeamWWC595144
1990-1991Providence CollegeECAC22262046
1991-1992Providence CollegeECAC25483280
1991-1992U.S. National TeamWWC582102
1992-1993Providence CollegeECAC28414384
1993-1994U.S. National TeamWWC557126
1994-1995U.S. National TeamPacific Rim547114
1995-1996Concordia StingersQSSF
1995-1996U.S. National TeamPacific Rim55380
1996-1997Concordia StingersQSSF
1996-1997U.S. National TeamWWC55384
1997-1998U.S. National TeamNat-Team33141933
1997-1998U.S. National TeamOlympics64484
1998-1999U.S. National TeamWWC53580
1999-2000U.S. National TeamNat-Team20172542
1999-2000U.S. National TeamWWC576130
2000-2001U.S. National TeamNat-Team33363268
2001-2002U.S. National TeamNat-Team25272148
2001-2002U.S. National TeamOlympics564100
2002-2003Vancouver GriffinsNWHL16181432610110
2003-2004U.S. National TeamWWC30220
2004-2005B.C. BreakersNWHL218111930
2004-2005U.S. National TeamWWC51342
NHL Totals

Lester Patrick Trophy(2007)1 Gold, 1 Silver Olympic Medals
1 Gold, 8 Silver IIHF World Championships
Inducted into the U.S. Hall of Fame, 2008
Inducted into the International Ice Hockey Hall of Fame, 2008
USA Women's Player of the Year

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