Staff Directory

Senior Management

Jeff Denomme

President and Chief Executive Officer

Craig Baines

Vice-President, Development and Building Operations

Peter Jagla

Vice-President, Marketing and Attraction Services

Phil Pritchard

Vice-President, Resource Centre and Curator

Kelly Masse

Director, Corporate and Media Relations

Accounting, IT and Office Services

Anthony Fusco

Manager, Information Systems

Sandra Walters

Treasurer, Controller and Office Manager

Chris Chu

Technical Specialist, Desktops, Servers and Networks

Sonia Gosal

Accounting and Office Administrator

Sylvia Lau

General Accountant

Dean Spence

Museum Support Specialist

Sarah Tuskey

Executive Assistant, Corporate and Media Relations

Development and Building Operations

Tome Geneski

Manager, Building Services and Maintenance

Scott Veber

Creative Director and Curatorial Associate

Marketing and Attraction Services

Craig Beckim

Manager, Merchandising and Retail Operations

Jackie Schwartz

Manager, Marketing and Promotions

Aaron Stocco

Manager, Special Events and Hospitality

Tyler Wolosewich

Manager, Guest Services and Public Relations

Natalie Gordon

Co-ordinator, Special Events and Hospitality

Patrick Minogue

Associate Manager, Retail Services

Dwayne Schrader

Associate Manager, Guest Services

Maria Tassone

Co-ordinator, Digital and Social Media

Resource Centre

Darren Boyko

Manager, Special Projects & International Business

Craig Campbell

Manager, Resource Centre and Archives

Izak Westgate

Manager, Outreach Exhibits and Assistant Curator

Samantha Chianta

Archivist and Collections Registrar

Steve Poirier

Co-ordinator, HHOF Images and Archival Services

Bill Wellman

Co-ordinator, Outreach and Curatorial Services