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Legends Of Hockey
Welcome to Hockey Hall of Fame Game Time Trivia!

Test your hockey knowledge with over 8,000 hockey questions and photo challenges.
Our 24/7 play-on-demand game features four unique game play formats:
"Shooting Drill", "Starting Line-Up", "One-On-One" and "Photo Op"
(see instructions on how to play each format below).

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Game Time/Game Time Plus

Shooting Drill
  • The question will require a numeric answer.
  • Use the mouse to slide the net to the left or right. The net will cover two possible choices.
  • Selecting "Pro Size" reduces the net size to cover one possible answer, but you score twice the points if you're right.
  • Click on "Go" to shoot the puck and see the result.
  •   Shooting Drill Screen

    Starting Line-Up Screen   Starting Line-Up
  • Seven answers appear on your right, randomly sorted.
  • Drag and drop the answers to a 1-through-5 rankings on the left. You can drag the answer back if you change your mind.
  • The game will tell you which ones you got right (marked with a green check mark), which ones you got partially right (top 5 rankings but in the wrong answer - marked with a orange slash), and which ones were totally wrong (marked with a red x).
  • You get a second chance to rearrange your wrong or partially correct answers for reduced points.

  • One On One
  • Click on the green button beside the answer of your choice.
  • Points are awarded for the one correct answer only.
  •   One-On-One Screen

    Photo Op Screen   Photo Op
  • Click on the green button beside the answer of your choice.
  • Points are awarded based on the time to respond.
  • The photo clue will get progressively clearer over time.