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2001 Elmer Ferguson & Foster Hewitt
Award Recipients

Hockey Writer Eric Duhatschek and "Voice of the Penguins" Mike Lange
Honoured for Contributions to Journalism and Hockey

Mike Lange
Mike Lange
TORONTO (May 28, 2001) - Bill Hay, Chairman of the Hockey Hall of Fame, announced today that Calgary-based writer Eric Duhatschek is the 2001 recipient of the
Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award for distinguished hockey journalism. Hay also announced that Mike Lange, long-time "Voice of the Penguins", is the 2001 recipient of the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for his outstanding work as an NHL broadcaster.

Duhatschek and Lange will receive the awards during a luncheon presentation as part of the 2001 Induction Weekend/Celebration festivities in November. The naming of Duhatschek and Lange as this year's media honourees preludes the June 14, 2001 announcement by the Hockey Hall of Fame of its 2001 Inductees.

"Eric's a pro, and I can't think of any better compliment," said Helene Elliott, President of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association. "He was an exemplary beat writer, proving that a writer can become familiar with his subjects without losing his objectivity and while giving readers entertaining, enlightening coverage of the team and the league."

Eric Duhatschek
Eric Duhatschek
Duhatschek started covering the Calgary Flames in the late 1970s and worked for many years at the Calgary Herald. He left recently to join the Globe and Mail, where he is currently the paper's Internet NHL columnist.

Mike Lange has been the "Voice of the Penguins" on NHL broadcasts for 26 seasons. Currently broadcasting Penguin games on television for Fox SportsNet, Lange has delivered games to Pittsburgh fans via radio, television, and simulcast broadcasts.

"Mike Lange has done a great deal for the game of hockey and for the community in Pittsburgh," said Chuck Kaiton, President of the NHL Broadcasters' Association. "Like most classic sportscasters, Mike has a distinctive style that his listeners cherish and that they identify with the sport they love. He is very deserving of this award."

The Foster Hewitt Memorial Award is named in honour of the late "Voice of Hockey" in Canada. It was first presented in 1984 by the NHL Broadcasters' Association ("NHLBA") for distinguished contributions by members of the NHLBA. Named in honour of the late Montreal newspaper reporter, the Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award was first presented in 1984 by the Professional Hockey Writers' Association ("PHWA") for distinguished contributions by members of the PHWA.

This fall's Induction Weekend festivities will take place November 9-11th culminating with the televised Induction Celebration on Monday, November 12th.

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