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Hockey Hall of Fame Announces Changes
to Induction Eligibility By-Law

Hockey Hall of Fame Logo TORONTO (March 28, 2000) - Bill Hay, Chairman of the Hockey Hall of Fame, announced today the elimination of the Veteran Player Category for Induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame. The by-law amendment was enacted through a ratification vote conducted today at the Annual General Meeting of the Members in Toronto.

The Veteran Player Category was established in 1988 to provide a vehicle for players who may have been overlooked and whose chances for election would be limited when placed on the same ballot with contemporary players. Since its inception, 11 players have been elected in the Veteran Player Category, all of who are now deemed to be Honoured Members in the Player Category.

"The Board believes that the category fully served its useful purpose and should now be eliminated," said Bill Hay. "It only makes sense to merge the Veteran Player Category with the Player Category since the player attributes criteria of the two categories are identical."

The newly enacted by-law also:

  • Increases the maximum number of candidates that may be elected in the Player Category to four (from three) each year.
  • Eliminates the right of the Selection Committee to waive the three-year waiting period for Induction in the Player Category (except under certain humanitarian circumstances).
  • Eliminates the "three strikes" provision whereby a person who has been nominated on three separate occasions and has not been elected is not eligible for further consideration for the next three annual meetings.
  • Brings forward to March 15th (from May 15th) the annual deadline for filing of official nominations to bring about the Annual Elections Meeting in June.
Veteran player Category Honourees
Hockey Hall of Fame
Honoured Members Elected
in the Veteran Player Category
1988Buddy O'Connor
1989Herbie Lewis
1990Fern Flaman
1991Clint Smith
1992Woody Dumart
1993Edgar Laprade
1994Lionel Conacher & Harry Watson
1995Fred "Bun" Cook
1996Bobby Bauer
1998Roy Conacher

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By-Law No. 19
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