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Team Canada '72 Selects and Congratulates
Our Contest Winners!!

Where were you when Paul Henderson scored his series-winning goal in September 1972?

Winning Submission:

Montreal was in a state of suspended animation. Businesses had shut down and people were even grouped around shopping store windows watching the game on the televisions inside. I was in room 302, my grade 8 'home room' at Montreal West High School. The school had suspended normal classes and sent everyone to designated rooms to watch the game. I sneaked into a room down the hall because they had a color TV but had returned to my class during a break late in the game so I wouldn't be discovered. The girl next to me was the 'big crush' for me from grade 5 to well past the end of High School. When the goal was scored, she gave me a big hug that should have given me a heart attack but I was so excited with 'THE GOAL', that I didn't realize what had happened until later. That goal will always be one of the most historically significant and happiest moments in my life. That Series will always be one of the most historically significant and happiest times of my life.

P.S. I have always said that the 72 Team did more than win a Series and that their achievement transcended sport. I also think that Phil Esposito performed the greatest job of leadership of anyone anywhere, bar none.

  - John (Richmond, B.C.)  

(Ed. Most fans mentioned they watched the historic game either in their school auditorium, at the neighbourhood bar, or at home on a called-in "sick-day". Common references included rabbit ears, snowy reception, and lucky enough to watch it on a colour television.)

What effect do you think Team Canada '72 has had on Canadian history?
Winning Submission:

It helped us grow up as a country. With the recent death of Prime Minister Trudeau there has been a lot of talk about how he made Canadians take more pride in their country and how he let the rest of the world know that Canada was here to stay. The Summit Series can also take credit for showing all Canadians just what WE were capable of accomplishing. It also demonstrated to the world the special qualities Canadians possess.

The series also solidified hockey as CANADA'S SPORT. If there was ever any doubt!! The fluctuation of emotions of the Canadian fans throughout the series was incredible. It taught us that you can never take anything for granted but also showed us what DETERMINATION and TEAMWORK can accomplish. The players on Team Canada never gave up and showed a whole country...and the world what Canadians could do.

Canada is recognized around the world as a very special country. Where the Russian players may have been in better shape in 1972 they couldn't match the HEART of our team. In the International hockey competitions since 72 the other countries still fear our teams because of that Canadian intangible. Sure we may not win every competition but our teams (men's & women's) are always the teams to beat.

  - Melanie, Stoney Creek, ON  

What are some ways you might suggest to have future generations appreciate this historical event?
Winning Submission:

I think that schools should cover it in a part of their history and social studies class. To be able to realize the true impact it had on all Canadians the story has to be told. It is as much a part of Canadian History as the last Spike in the Railroad.

  - Randy, Prince Albert, SA  

(Ed. Common suggestions included calling for a national holiday, incorporating the event into schools' curriculum, and creation of a monument, coin, stamp or "Hollywood-style" film. One person suggested that Canada's Immigration Department make it mandatory for all those becoming Canadian citizens to watch the Summit Series video.)