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In the midst of his celebration in Barrie, Ontario, Darren Rumble visited hockey fans in Royal Victoria Hospital, brightening the days of many patients and their families.
It was a year fraught with frustration and elation for NHL veteran Darren Rumble. Through his checkered career, Rumble has fought for every inch of ground he has earned. As a professional hockey player, you realize that careers are fragile, and all you can do is deliver a great attitude and hard work game in and game out, and beyond that, the fates are in the hands of the gods. A first-round draft pick in 1987, Darren has played in just 51 NHL contests over the past decade, but has worked diligently wherever he has been assigned. Although he played only 5 games with Tampa Bay through the regular 2003-04 season, general manager Jay Feaster thought enough of Rumble to make certain he got the opportunity to spend a day with the Stanley Cup in his hometown of Barrie, Ontario.

Darren climbed onto an antique fire truck with the Stanley Cup to be transported to the Barrie Arena.
Neighbours and friends congregated at Rumble's home on Friday, August 27, waiting for the Stanley Cup to arrive. At 8AM, as much of the city was heading to work, Darren was greeting hockey's magnificent trophy. The Barrie celebrants spent three hours that morning taking photos and telling hockey stories.

Darren took the Stanley Cup over to Royal Victoria Hospital and visited the cancer ward. His grandfather had suffered from the horrific disease, and Darren was determined not let his grandfather's illness go in vain. Darren not only visited the many patients there, who were thrilled to see and touch the Stanley Cup, but on his day, raised money for the hospital's building fund as well. A lot of wonderful things have been in the bowl of the Stanley Cup — champagne and lobster bisque to name but a few from this summer — and Darren added one more — a beautiful two-day-old baby, nestled comfortably in the bowl of Lord Stanley's Cup. He later took the trophy to the cafeteria so additional staff and guests could see the Cup.

At the arena on Dundas, Darren was guest of honour at a fundraising celebration that included swing jazz performer Shawn Mei
and rocker Kim Mitchell.
Darren climbed onto a vintage fire truck and, blaring the siren, drove to the Barrie Arena where, for two-and-a-half hours, he posed for photos and signed autographs. While there, he was introduced to Caroline Spietcels. "Hi Darren. This is the second Stanley Cup party I've been to this week! I'm Jassen Cullimore's niece and was at his party in Port Dover, and tonight, I'm working in catering here at the Barrie Arena for your party!"

Alexa Rumble begged her Dad, Darren, for a cup of cereal. Little did she realize she'd be eating her Fruit Loops out of the Stanley Cup.
It was a hell of a party (sorry! H-E-double hockey sticks for our younger readers). Outstanding entertainment was provided by Midland, Ontario's swing jazz performer, Shawn Mei, as well as one of the pillars of rock in Ontario, Kim Mitchell. After years with Max Webster, Kim Mitchell recorded eight wonderful solo albums. Today, he is not only one of Canada's most loved musicians, but also an announcer at a Toronto rock radio station. Mitchell put on a great hour and a half show, with the Stanley Cup placed on the stage both before and after his set. After Kim's final encore, Darren Rumble's pals remained at the arena drinking champagne until 2:30 in the morning before returning to the Rumble residence for an additional hour.

Saturday morning, Darren's kids did what all North American kids do — watched cartoons and ate cereal out of the Stanley Cup! After gulping down the last spoonful, the Stanley Cup was washed, then packed away. By 9:30, the Cup continued north along the 400 highway on its way to Bill Barber's home just outside of North Bay in Callander, Ontario. On Wednesday, Stanley Cup Journal will meet you right here to find out how Bill Barber celebrated with the Stanley Cup.

Kevin Shea is author of a biography on Bill Barilko to be published October 2004.

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