Hockey Hall of Fame - Stanley Cup Journals: 31
The Stanley Cup Journal

Carolina Hurricanes rookie Andrew Hutchinson and son Cole
Carolina rookie Andrew Hutchinson and son Cole, also enjoying a good first year, pose with the award for hockey excellence. (Walt Neubrand/HHOF)
On July 12, 2006, Andrew and Andrea Hutchinson welcomed baby Cole into the world. It was quite a month for the 26-year-old Carolina defenseman, who as an NHL rookie (even though he played 18 games with Nashville in 2003-04), was part of both a miracle on ice and the miracle of human life.

Andrew and Andrea had planned to have the Stanley Cup involved in their son's baptismal ceremony on Friday, August 25. Expecting the hockey chalice at 3:30, the young couple was disappointed to discover that the plane carrying the Cup had been grounded in Cedar Springs, Iowa, and although the trophy was being re-routed in order to arrive in Detroit where the Hutchinsons live (East Lansing, to be more precise), it would not arrive until much later in the evening. Regrettably, the baptism took place without the Stanley Cup, although baby Cole didn't seem to harbour any grudges. Hey, things happen, and the best laid plans at times go awry, regardless of how carefully plans are devised.

Baby Cole Hutchinson and the Stanley Cup
Adorable Cole Hutchinson and the Stanley Cup are readied for the Hutchinson family's 2006 Christmas card. (Walt Neubrand/HHOF)
At 9:45 that evening, Andrew met the Stanley Cup at Detroit Metro Airport, and immediately drove it to a place with which he had been very familiar while attending Michigan State University — Rick's American Café. When he arrived, hundreds of people were waiting outside the bar, and Andrew disappeared into the crowd with his hockey prize.

After spending a few hours in the bar that was his hangout during his four years at MSU, Andrew took the Cup to the Post Bar, not more than a couple of blocks away. The club had sectioned off an area in which Andrew and his friends could celebrate.

Andrew had rented some rooms at a local hotel, and late that night, the Stanley Cup was taken to the Marriott, where Hutchinson hung out with the trophy until 5AM.

After just three hours sleep, Andrew woke up at oh-my-God o'clock and took the Stanley Cup to his East Lansing home. The city was in the midst of Welcome Weekend, the Spartans' homecoming. The morning was spent taking family photos, including a sensational shot of baby Cole wearing the outfit in which he came into this world, posed wearing a Santa Claus hat in front of the Stanley Cup. The adorable picture will become Andrew and Andrea's Christmas card this December.

By 1:00PM, the Cup was on its way back to Raleigh.

Four generations of proud Hutchinson men stand behind a 113-year old. Andrew, his grandfather, father and son celebrate with Lord Stanley's Cup. (Walt Neubrand/HHOF)
* * *

It's interesting to note that the Stanley Cup has now been engraved with the names of the reigning Stanley Cup champion Carolina Hurricanes. But equally interesting is that the locked-out 2004-05 season is being recognized with an engraved area that reads: SEASON NOT PLAYED.

Tampa Bay had filled the last spot on the bottom band of the Stanley Cup when they won the championship in 2004. The top band has now been removed and retired to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Each of the successive bands has been moved up one spot and a fresh new band has been added to the bottom. The 2004-05 note and Carolina's 2005-06 engravings will take up the first spots on that bottom band.

* * *

Join the Journal again on Tuesday where you'll meet many of the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes for the Carolina Hurricanes, and discover some of the fascinating ways they celebrated with the Stanley Cup.

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Kevin Shea and colleague John Jason Wilson have authored LORD STANLEY: THE MAN BEHIND THE CUP (Fenn Publishing, October 2006).
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