Hockey Hall of Fame - Stanley Cup Journals: 2009, 06

Rob and his Dad Bob, sharing a moment
with officers of the Nassau County Police Department. (Mike Bolt/HHOF)
From 1980 to 1983, the Stanley Cup practically lived on Long Island as the phenomenal New York Islanders of that era won four consecutive NHL championships. But on Friday, July 17, Rob Scuderi became the first native of Long Island to bring the Stanley Cup home for a celebration.

Scuderi was born in Syosset, a hamlet on the northern coast of Long Island, where he and his brother Kenny would dream about one day winning the Stanley Cup. Ken, who plays with the Charlotte Checkers in the ECHL, was there to celebrate with his older brother, as were sisters Christine and Liz and parents Bob and Leslie, as well as Rob's wife and children.

Rob brought the Cup to Bethpage High School where his Mom, Leslie teaches.
(Mike Bolt/HHOF)

Rob decided he wanted to share the Stanley Cup with Long Island. His Dad, a former officer with the Nassau County Police Department, made certain there was a police escort to each of the stops. Seven motorcycle officers led the way as Rob and the Stanley Cup stopped first at Bethpage High School, where his Mom teaches. Then it was over to a hangar at the Nassau County Police Department where helicopters are stored.

Rob and the Stanley Cup showed up at Club Anchor at Lido Beach in Hempstead, NY where the local police run day camps for children with special needs.
(Mike Bolt/HHOF)
A quick stop at a car dealership owned by a friend preceded a visit to the Newbridge Arena where Rob and Ken played their minor hockey. "I wanted to bring it back here," Rob smiled. "This is where I started playing hockey." There, local residents got the chance to visit with the Scuderis and to see the Stanley Cup.

Rob proudly hoisting the Cup at Lido Beach in Hempstead, NY.
(Mike Bolt/HHOF)
Rob took the Stanley Cup over to Club Anchor at Lido Beach in Hempstead where the local police run day camps for children with special needs. Once a year, they hold a special carnival, and Rob's day with the Stanley Cup coincided with the staging of that event. The youngsters could barely contain their excitement, meeting a real hockey player and seeing the Stanley Cup. Imagine, a deejay, great music, hotdogs, hamburgers, games of skill, a bounce pit AND the Stanley Cup! Life was pretty good for the kids that day.

Afterwards, Rob was joined by some friends for a barbecue on Lido Beach. Seated at the picnic table, the gang got pictures taken as they drank out of the historic Stanley Cup.

Back at the house, Christine asked her brother if he would allow her to realize a long-held dream. "Rob," she asked. "I have always wanted to drink out of the Stanley Cup. Do you thinkā€¦" Rob laughed. "Of course," he replied, filling the bowl of the Cup. "There you go!" and lifted Lord Stanley's immaculate mug to his sister's lips.

Penguins GM Ray Shero and former Penguin Dave Hannan looking at the names engraved on the Cup.
(Walt Neubrand/HHOF)
* * *

While Ray Shero enjoyed his day with the Stanley Cup in Cape Cod on Saturday, July 18, he did get a brief taste of life with the Cup a little earlier.

Ray Shero showing off the Cup to family and friends in Cape Cod. (Mike Bolt/HHOF)
On Tuesday, July 7, the Penguins' general manager accompanied the glorious trophy to the Governor's office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Late that afternoon, Shero took the Stanley Cup to his golf course to show some of his pals. Then, it was back to the house where a few friends joined him. One of those at the Shero residence was Dave Hannan, who played with Pittsburgh during the 1980s.

Ray Shero is all smiles while sharing a moment with the Stanley Cup.
(Mike Bolt/HHOF)
Leaping ahead to July 18, Ray and his wife Karen took the Stanley Cup to Cape Cod, joined by sons Chris and Kyle. Several friends joined the Sheros, including Greg and Linda and their son Justin and his former goaltending teammate from St. Lawrence University, Gary Weicker, as well as wife Penny and their children.

The kids ate ice cream out of the Stanley Cup, the world's greatest sundae dish, then Kyle helped clean it all up once the last delicious spoonful had been consumed.

Ray and his family sharing a moment with the Cup in Cape Cod. (Mike Bolt/HHOF)
Friends Steve and Cara Rhodes then hosted a Stanley Cup celebration in historic West Dennis. Attendees included a number of hockey persons -- the Penguins' director of amateur scouting Jay Heinbuck, amateur scout Jim Madigan, Paul Fenton of the Nashville Predators and Randy Sexton of the Florida Panthers, who was another teammate of Ray's at St. Lawrence. The party spilled out onto the beach, and the sky was all but lit up by the smile affixed to the face of Ray Shero. "I am so thrilled to have the Cup," he said.

* * *

On Friday, we had into Boston and spend the day with Brooks Orpik in the next instalment of the Stanley Cup Journal.

* * *

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