Hockey Hall of Fame - Stanley Cup Journals: 2015, 22

Blackhawks defenceman Brent Seabrook and the Stanley Cup prepare for a scenic helicopter tour of Vancouver, British Columbia. (Howie Borrow/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Safety first! The Stanley Cup is strapped in prior to take off. (Howie Borrow/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Brent Seabrook proudly hoists the Stanley Cup with the majestic Rocky Mountains providing the backdrop. (Howie Borrow/Hockey Hall of Fame)
For the third time in six years, Seabrook and the Chicago Blackhawks stand atop the hockey world as Stanley Cup champions. (Howie Borrow/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Three time Stanley Cup champion Brent Seabrook awaits his ride on top of a mountain near Kelowna, B.C. (Howie Borrow/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Silver and Gold. Seabrook draped the Stanley Cup with his 2010 Olympic gold medal. (Howie Borrow/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Blackhawks Executive Vice President Jay Blunk welcomed the Stanley Cup to Danvers, Illinois. (Phil Pritchard/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Blunk and the Stanley Cup pose with a member of the Danvers Police Department. (Phil Pritchard/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Jay Blunk and the Stanley Cup pose in front of the Unified Command Post. (Phil Pritchard/Hockey Hall of Fame)
For the third time, Blunk and his family gather on their dock for a family portrait. (Phil Pritchard/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Getting ready to take a dip? Blunk and the Stanley Cup decided to stay dry on the dock. (Phil Pritchard/Hockey Hall of Fame)

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