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The Stanley Cup met with a warm welcome at the Mississauga home of Grant Marshall's parents.
(August 27, 2003) — Victories of any sort are sweet to Grant Marshall, but a Stanley Cup victory is the sweetest victory of all. It wasn't so long ago that Marshall wondered if he might ever play hockey again, let alone play for a Stanley Cup champion.

On December 4, 1990 in a junior game between his Ottawa 67s and the Sudbury Wolves, Grant was hit from behind and suffered a broken neck. His coach with Ottawa, Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Brian Kilrea, remembers the situation. "What a story he was - his fight and dedication. He never complained and he never lost confidence that he would play again. He wore a halo to protect his injury, and he came to practice every day so he could be with his teammates. Every time you saw him, he had a smile on his face and he'd tell you, 'I'm going to play again. Don't worry about me.' Well, there was a lot of worry and as it turned out, Grant proved them all wrong!"

Mississauga neighbours were delighted that Marshall brought the Cup to his childhood home.
Grant not only played again, he was a first round draft choice of his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs in 1992, then debuted with the Dallas Stars in the 1994-95 season. In 1999, Grant Marshall was a first-time Stanley Cup champion with the Stars, and at that time, took the Stanley Cup to Prince Edward Island. The tough winger, who joined the Devils from the Blue Jackets at this year's trade deadline, got a second taste of championship champagne this year with New Jersey and decided to take the Stanley Cup to his home in Mississauga, Ontario, just west of Toronto.

The clock in the Marshall home had barely struck eleven on the morning of Tuesday, August 19 when the Stanley Cup arrived in the driveway. Grant's mother, Jackie, was first out of the house to welcome the Stanley Cup to Mississauga, followed closely by Grant. Local media were on hand to record the event, and neighbours and friends mingled in the backyard, eager for their opportunity to sip from Lord Stanley's mug.

Long-time supporter and TV personality
Don Cherry stopped by the Marshalls' home to congratulate Grant in person.
Just then, Don Cherry arrived at the Marshall home. The 'Hockey Night in Canada' icon had been very supportive of Grant after his neck injury, applauding him for continuing his career and playing the same 'hell bent for leather' game that has made him such a valuable addition to the New Jersey Devils. "Good lad, that Grant," Cherry said as he was mobbed by the hockey fans in Grant's backyard. Someone asked, "Where's Blue?" "Geez, he can't go everywhere with me," came the response from Cherry, who lives nearby and arrived in casual attire. "I'm not gonna stay too long 'cause this is Grant's day and he deserves the spotlight, but when Jackie called, I wanted to come by and say hi to Grant and congratulate him," said Don, and after a brief visit, let himself out of the yard. "I'd never met him before," admitted Grant, "but he's said some nice things about me on 'Coach's Corner' over the years."

Shortly afterwards, a cake in the shape of the Stanley Cup was carried out into the yard. A television crew was on hand to record some of the afternoon's events for an upcoming segment of CBC-TV's 'Hockey Night in Canada.' All in all, it was a relaxed afternoon, with plenty of conversation and even more laughter.

Grant took the Cup to the streets to thank loyal hockey fans for their support, and while at Philthy McNasty's Bar and Grill in Oakville, couldn't resist just one more sip from the hockey's greatest mug.
After most of the guests had left, Grant decided he'd like to take the Stanley Cup out to celebrate with hockey fans in the area. He made a call to a popular sports bar located in Oakville, just west of his Mississauga home. The place is called Philthy McNasty's Bar and Grill, and is a frequent destination for many of Toronto's athletes. Philthy McNasty's cordoned off an area for Grant and the Stanley Cup, and surprised patrons on that Tuesday night got a chance to meet Marshall, get an autograph and sip champagne from the Stanley Cup. Imagine sipping from the same bowl as Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe…and Grant Marshall!

Marshall's friends are unanimous in their opinion of Grant: "This guy hasn't changed one bit through the years," said one. "None of this success has gone to his head. None of it!" Quite a tribute to quite a player. And quite a player with quite a story! * * *

Stanley Cup Journal sends congratulations to Walt Neubrand and his lovely bride Laura on their wedding last Saturday, August 23. Walt has been one of the Hockey Hall of Fame employees accompanying the Stanley Cup this summer, and in fact, met his wife in the line of duty while with the Stanley Cup at the 1999 NHL All-Star Game in Tampa. Our best wishes to a wonderful couple!

Kevin Shea is a Toronto-based hockey writer.

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