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Treasure Chest

Souvenir Programme from the A.C. "Babe" Siebert Memorial Fund Game held on October 29th, 1939 at the Montreal Forum between the NHL All-Stars and the Montreal Canadiens. All proceeds raised ($15,000) went to the family of the late beloved Canadiens hockey star.

In order to compile a 'Who's Who' section in the National Hockey League's Guide and Record Book, players were asked to provide information about themselves, like this information sheet on Albert "Babe" Siebert.

Thank You card sent by Judy Siebert to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Babe Siebert 1933-34 Hockey Picture Gum card.

Stick used by Albert "Babe" Siebert some time throughout his NHL career between 1925-26 and 1938-39.