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1983 Hockey Hall of Fame hockey card of Frank Brimsek.

In order to compile a 'Who's Who' section in the
National Hockey League's Guide and Record Book,
players were asked to provide information on
various topics, including their minor hockey career,
accomplishments in other sports, ancestry, military
service, and off-season employment. Here is one for
Frank Brimsek filled in by Jim Hendy.

1942 Frank Duggan caricature of Frank Brimsek.

On June 20, 1966 Frank Brimsek received this letter from
the Hockey Hall of Fame informing him that he had been
elected as an Honoured Member of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Hockey Hall of Fame received this RSVP card from Frank Brimsek confirming that he would be attending the 1977 Induction Dinner in Toronto.

1942 Associated Press caricature of Frank Brimsek.