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Treasure Chest

Toronto Maple Leafs jersey worn by Kelly during the 1967 Stanley Cup Final, the franchise's last Cup victory.

Three of Red's hockey cards; a 1953-54 Parkhurst card, a 1964-65 Topps card, and a 1974-75 (Coach) card.

The imposing Red Kelly often graced the covers of numerous game programs. Here he appears on the front of an October 26, 1966 Maple Leafs edition and a March 1, 1967 Montreal Canadiens edition.

A Red Kelly 48 cent Canadian stamp
marking the anniversary of the NHL all-star game

Red Kelly's 250th goal stick from the 1964-65 NHL season.

Autographed sticks of the 1963-64 and 1965-66 Toronto Maple Leafs.