Legends of Hockey - Spotlight - Stan Mikita - Treasure Chest
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Treasure Chest

The jersey of long-time Blackhawk Stan Mikita
(circa 1970s).

Over a decade of celebrity - two Hockey Pictorial magazines (February 1963 and December 1975)
featuring Stan Mikita on their covers.

Stan Mikita's hockey bag from the 1972 Summit Series which pitted the stars of Canada versus the best of the Soviet Union.

A 1960-61 Stan Mikita hockey card produced by Topps.

Three of Stan Mikita's milestone hockey sticks. From top to bottom: Stan's 250th NHL goal stick from the 1968-69 season; his 400th NHL goal stick from 1972-73; and the stick he used to record his 500th NHL goal in the 1976-77 season.