Legends of Hockey - Spotlight - Phil Esposito - Treasure Chest
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Treasure Chest

Four media guides from four different
NHL franchises, each with Phil Esposito
on the cover. From left to right: Chicago
(1966-67), Boston (1969-70), New York
(1977-78) and Tampa Bay (1992-93).

Phil and Tony Esposito's
Action Hockey Game circa
early 1970's.

A 1972 Stanley Cup program gracing two of Boston's biggest stars, Phil Esposito and Bobby Orr. The Bruins went on to win their second Cup in three years that season.

Hockey boot wax
endorsed by Phil Esposito circa early 1970's.

Both the stick and puck that netted point-number
98 for Phil Esposito on March 1, 1969, breaking
the record for most points in a season. Esposito went on to record 126 points that year.

Phil Esposito's last NHL point (number 1,590) was scored with this puck on January 9, 1981.

The stick that Phil Esposito used to reach the 50-goal mark,
for the first time in his career, during his record-breaking
season of 1970-71. He ended the year with an astonishing
76 goals, breaking the previous standard by 18.