Legends of Hockey - Spotlight - Dave Keon - Treasure Chest
One on One Treasure Chest Pinnacle Legends Video
Treasure Chest
Dave's Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey
Captain Dave Keon's
Toronto Maple Leafs jersey
(circa early 1970s).
Dave's Hockey Cards
A selection of Dave Keon
hockey cards representing various stages
of his 22-year pro career.
Instructional Record narrarted by Keon
An instructional vinyl
record narrated by Dave Keon
(circa mid 1970s).
Keon's Hartford Whalers jersey
Keon's Hartford Whalers jersey
(circa early 1980s).
Maple Leaf program with Dave Keon on the cover
A young Dave Keon on the
cover of a 1960 Toronto
Maple Leafs program.
Keon's 300-goal stick
Dave's 300-goal stick
from the 1972-73 season.