Legends of Hockey - Spotlight - Wayne Gretzky - Treasure Chest
One on One Treasure Chest Pinnacle Legends Video
Treasure Chest

The Great One's Team Canada
jersey from the 1981 Canada Cup

Wayne's final NHL point was recorded
with this puck

Captain Gretzky's 1996
World Cup jersey

Wayne Gretzky's hockey bag
and full equipment from his final NHL game

An assortment of cereal box covers
honouring Wayne's hockey career

An Integral part of every child's
day in the 80's - a Gretzky lunch
box and Gretzky endorsed chocolate milk powder

Milestone Gretzky sticks - last NHL point stick (top), 1,851
assist stick (middle), 2,700 point stick (bottom)

Two-year-old Wayne Gretzky's
first pair of skates