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U.S. Olympic Team 1960

U.S. Olympic Team - 1960
"Beating the Canadians in hockey would be like Canadians beating us in baseball." - Bill Cleary

"We don't have to hug and kiss. I just want you to pass me the puck." - Bill Cleary, to teammates, after his controversial insistence that his brother Roger be also selected to the Olympic team.

"Christian and Williams were better than me." - Herb Brooks after being cut from the squad.

The last player cut from the team was Herb Brooks. The same Herb Brooks went on to coach the Americans to the 1980 'Miracle On Ice' Olympic gold medal.

The Americans had won 5 Olympic silver medals in hockey before capturing their first gold in 1960.

U.S. Goaltending Jack McCartan blocked 39 shots against Canada, including 20 in the second period, in the Americans 2-1 victory.

  The Americans 3-2 victory over the USSR marked the first time a U.S. team had ever defeated the Soviets.

The United States clinched the gold by humbling Czechoslovakia 9-4 on the final day. In that game, the Americans fell behind 4-3 after two periods but rallied to win with six unanswered goals in the third.

The only two members of the team to crack the NHL were Tommy Williams and goaltender Jack McCartan.

The Christian brothers are part of the great stick manufacturing family that bears their name.

Hockey Hall of Famers: (0)

International Hockey Hall of Famers: (2)
Bill Christian, Jack McCartan

United States Hockey Hall of Famers: (8)
Bill Christian, Roger Christian, Bill Cleary, Bob Cleary, Jack Kirrane, John Mayasich, Jack McCartan, Tommy Williams

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