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Toronto Maple Leafs - 1962-67

Toronto Maple Leafs - 1962-67
"King helped out, just by being who he was--a fun-loving Irishman who loved to talk. He helped team morale." - Allan Stanley on having King Clancy take over as coach for ten games in February 1967.

"You can tell that Junior B goaltender he won't be playing against a bunch of pea-shooters when he plays against the Leafs." - Coach Punch Imlach, hyping the '67 Toronto-Habs finals by disparaging Montreal rookie goalie Rogie Vachon.

"We proved them wrong. We'd won the thing one more time." - Tim Horton on the '67 Cup win.

"In 1964, (Leaf President Harold) Ballard sent champagne out to my house when we won the Stanley Cup. I wasn't there (at the Gardens) because they had taken me to the hospital, so I missed all the celebrations. Harold brought a bottle of champagne, the Stanley Cup, and a photographer to my house. With my children, my wife, and the Stanley Cup, we had a picture taken. I don't know of anybody else who would ever have thought about doing that." - Red Kelly.

Prior to the empty-net goal by George Armstrong in the 1967 Stanley Cup final, coach Punch Imlach had 41 year old Allan Stanley, 37 year old Tim Horton, 39 year old Red Kelly, Armstrong and 42 year old Johnny Bower on the ice for one of the last face-offs of the 1967 season.

The final game, May 2, was the latest playoff game in league history to that point.

During their dynasty, the Leafs did not sweep a single playoff series.

The Leafs finished 2nd, 1st, 3rd, and 3rd in the regular season standings in their four Cup years

  In 1963 Toronto won two 7-game playoff series to win the Cup, the first team to do this since Detroit in 1950.

When Toronto and Montreal met in the 1967 Stanley Cup finals it marked their 13th playoff series. Each had won six previous meetings.

On June 6th 1962, seven weeks after the Leafs claimed their first Cup since 1951, the wreckage of Bill Barilko's plane is found in the dense Northern Ontario bush. Barilko was the player who scored the 1951 Cup winner but died tragically in a plane crash a few months later.

The Summer After:
Age and the expansion draft decimated that Leafs' team. Gone were Red Kelly, Terry Sawchuk, Larry Jeffrey, Eddie Shack, Kent Douglas, Bob Baun, and Brit Selby.

Stanley Cups: 4

Regular Season Winning %: .563

Individual Trophy Winners: 6

Hockey Hall of Famers: (10)
George Armstrong, Johnny Bower, Tim Horton, Red Kelly, Dave Keon, Frank Mahovlich, Marcel Pronovost, Bob Pulford, Terry Sawchuk, Allan Stanley

Other Star Contributors:
Ron Ellis, Jim Pappin, Pete Stemkowski, Mike Walton

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