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Soviet National Team 1970 to 1979

Soviet National Team - 1970 to 1979
"The beauty of it is that every country puts its habits, its culture into the style of its hockey. If we had gone Maurice Richard's way ... then everyone would be playing boom-boom hockey." - Coach Anatoli Tarasov

"I look into his eyes. If he returns the stare, it means he will shoot." - Vladislav Tretiak

Defeated the WHA All-Stars (team Canada) 4-1-3 in an eight-game series in 1974

Won 9 of 12 World Championship and Olympic Tournaments in the 1970s

Coach Anatoli Tarasov tried his hand at coaching a Soviet first-division soccer team (his red Army club finished 13th of of 16 teams during his one-year stint)

  Winter Olympic Gold Medals: 2

World Championship Titles: 7

Olympic and Worlds Winning %: .867

Individual Directorate Award Winners: 14

Individuals Selected To W.C. All-Star Team: 29

Hockey Hall of Famers: (1) Vladislav Tretiak

Other Star Contributors: Helmut Balderis, Alexander Gusev, Valeri Kharlamov, Vladimir Lutchenko, Alexander Maltsev, Boris Mikhailov, Vladimir Petrov, Alexander Ragulin, Vladimir Shadrin, Vyacheslav Starshinov, Valeri Vasiliev, Vladimir Vikulov, Aleksander Yakushev, Viktor Zhlutkov

Key Team Records:
Most Goals in a WC Tourney: 100 (1973)
Most Wins in a WC Tourney: 10 (1973 & 1975)

Key Individual Records:
Most Goals in a WC Tourney: 18 (Vladimir Petrov in 1973)
Most Assists in a WC Tourney: 16 (Vladimir Petrov in 1973)
Most Points in a WC Tourney: 34 (Vladimir Petrov in 1973)

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