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Winnipeg Jets (WHA) 1975-76 to 1978-79

Winnipeg Jets (WHA) - 1975-76 to 1978-79
"Without those kids [Hedberg and Nilsson], I probably would've retired three years ago." - Bobby Hull in September, 1977

"That's brutality. Ulf looks like ground hamburger." - Bobby Hull on the brutal tactics used to curtail Ulf Nilsson's skills

To give the WHA legitimacy, the league itself entered into negotiations with Bobby Hull and helped Winnipeg sign him on June 27, 1972. The deal included a one million dollar signing bonus, a sum to which all twelve WHA clubs contributed

Hedberg became the first player in the history of major league hockey to score 50 goals in fewer then 50 games. He broke the record established 22 seasons earlier by Montreal's Rocket Richard and matched in 1974-75 by Bobby Hull. Hedberg scored 51 goals in 49 games

In 1975, the Jets held their training camp in Finland

The Summer After:
Team joined the NHL, Kent Nilsson, Rich Preston and Terry Ruskowski were taken back by the NHL teams that held their rights

  Avco Cups: 3

Avco Cup Finalists: 4 consecutive

Regular Season Winning %: .601

Individual Trophy Winners: 7

Individuals Selected To All-Star Teams: 13

Hockey Hall of Famers: (1)
Bobby Hull

Other Star Contributors:
Joe Daley, Anders Hedberg, Willy Lindstrom, Kent Nilsson, Ulf Nilsson,
Lars-Erik Sjoberg, Peter Sullivan

Key Team Records:
Most Wins: 52 (1975-76)
Most Points: 106 (1975-76)
Most Goals: 381 (1977-78 - WHA record)

Key Individual Record:
Most Wins: 41 (Joe Daley in 1975-76)

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