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1970's Humour: A Guide to Penalties

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Peter Puck became an overnight success after his television debut in 1974 on NBC and Hockey Night in Canada. His tips on hockey, his simple explanations of rules and regulations, and his impish delivery endeared him to millions of fans. Even the players took to his charm. Dave Gardner, while with the Montreal Canadiens, read a mythical letter to Peter aloud on a plane flight. "Dear Peter," read Gardner, "how can I score goals while sitting on the bench." A few days later, Gardner was traded to St. Louis.

Scotty Connal, then executive producer of NBC Sports said, "When we asked Hanna-Barbera to create a little character on ice who would explain hockey in a humourous, entertaining manner, we never dreamed he'd become the most popular segment of our intermissions."

Peter Puck later appeared in print through the guidance of author, broadcaster, and Foster Hewitt Memorial Award recipient Brian McFarlane.