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Young Wayne Gretzky
Gretzky Team Canada Jersey

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Wayne Gretzky recalls, "As a kid, 12 and 13 years old, I used to sneak down to the Hockey Hall of Fame. There was a guy that would let me go in. I used to just stand there for hours and stare."

At a press conference following his final NHL appearance on April 18, 1999, Number 99 said, "If the Hockey Hall of Fame wants my uniform, then it's the only place it will go: The Hockey Hall of Fame."

The Hall already showcases numerous artifacts from Wayne Gretzky's illustrious career. The collection numbers over 50 items and includes Gretzky's first trophy as the most improved novice in 1968-69 and the puck, stick, helmet and gloves used to record his 802nd goal in regular season play, which broke Gordie Howe's record.

Gretzky's Farewell

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