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Policy Regarding Public Submissions of Candidates
Eligible for Election into Honoured Membership

The By-laws of Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum provide that only members of the Selection Committee may submit official nominations of candidates for election into Honoured Membership (such nominations are considered at the Annual Elections Meeting of the Selection Committee).

Subject to the criteria set forth below, the Chairman of the Board of Directors will circulate to the Selection Committee bona-fide submissions from persons other than members of the Selection Committee. If a submission fails to gain the support of any one member of the Selection Committee (by written nomination filed before the April 15th deadline), such submission will not be considered at the Annual Elections Meeting. A form letter of acknowledgement will be mailed to persons making bona-fide submissions; however, in accordance with the confidentiality provisions of the By-laws such persons shall not be notified as to any nomination by a member of the Selection Committee.

Criteria/Policy for Submissions

  1. Submissions shall contain the fullest possible data concerning the record and the merits of the person eligible for nomination and election.

  2. General letters of opinion and support will be circulated to the Selection Committee only at the discretion of the Chairman of the Board of Directors or if such letters are contained within a bona-fide submission.

  3. Any person can file a submission for only one eligible candidate in each annual nomination and election proceeding.

  4. Submissions shall be filed with the Chairman of the Board of Directors not later than March 15 in order to facilitate circulation to the Selection Committee (otherwise, the submission shall be deferred to the next annual nomination and election proceeding).

  5. Persons making a submission that includes support materials i.e. bound presentation documents, newspaper clippings, photographs, audio-visual materials, etc. shall either submit (i) one digital copy of such support materials in a format acceptable for posting via the Selection Committee’s private Intranet site, or (ii) twenty hard copies of such support materials for circulation to the Selection Committee via courier delivery at the Submitter’s expense to be confirmed prior to delivery.

Hockey Hall of Fame Election Procedures

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