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When Lord Stanley donated the Stanley Cup in 1893, he appointed trustees to care for the Cup. The main responsibility of the trustees was to maintain the rules, govern the competitions and ensure the Stanley Cup was awarded and returned in proper condition. When one trustee chooses to resign or is in need of replacement, the remaining trustee nominates a substitute. The trustees have absolute power over all matters regarding the Stanley Cup.

Original Trustees: Philip D. Ross
1893 - July 5, 1940
Sheriff John Sweetland
1893 - May 5, 1907

William A. Foran
May 6, 1907 - Nov. 30, 1945
Nominated by: Philip Ross
J. Cooper Smeaton
Feb. 24, 1946 - Oct. 3, 1978
Nominated by: Philip Ross
  N.A.M. "Red" Dutton
Mar. 3, 1950 - Mar. 15, 1987
Nominated by: Cooper Smeaton
Clarence S. Campbell
Jan. 19, 1979 - Jun. 24, 1984
Nominated by: "Red" Dutton
  Justice Willard Estey
Aug. 16, 1984 - Jan. 25, 2002
Nominated by: "Red" Dutton

Present Trustees: Brian O'Neill
May 5, 1988 - present
Nominated by: Willard Estay
Ian "Scotty" Morrison
Mar. 18, 2002 - present
Nominated by: Brian O'Neill

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