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Year-by-Year Roll Call

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Class of 1945

Sir Montagu Allan (builder)

Donald H. (Dan) Bain (player)

Hobart Amery Hare (Hobey) Baker (player)

Charles Robert (Chuck) Gardiner (player)

Edward George (Eddie) Gerard (player)

Francis (Frank) McGee (player)

Howard William (Howie) Morenz (player)

Thomas N. (Tommy) Phillips (player)

Harvey Pulford (player)

Arthur Howie (Art) Ross (player)

Lord (of Preston) Stanley (builder)

William H. (Hod) Stuart (player)

Capt. James T. Sutherland (builder)

Georges Vezina (player)

Class of 1947

Russell (Dubbie) Bowie (player)

Frank Calder (builder)

Aubrey V. (Dit) Clapper (player)

William A. Hewitt (builder)

Aurel Emile Joliat (player)

Francis Nelson (builder)

Frank Nighbor (player)

William M. Northey (builder)

Lester Patrick (player)

John Ross Robertson (builder)

Claude C. Robinson (builder)

Edward William (Eddie) Shore (player)

Frederick (Cyclone) Taylor (player)

Class of 1950

Allan M. (Scotty) Davidson (player)

Charles Graham Drinkwater (player)

Michael (Mike) Grant (player)

Silas Seth (Si) Griffis (player)

Edouard (Newsy) Lalonde (player)

Maurice Joseph (Joe) Malone (player)

George Richardson (player)

Henry Judah (Harry) Trihey (player)

Class of 1952

Richard R. (Dickie) Boon (player)

William (Bill) Cook (player)

Frank Xavier (Moose) Goheen (player)

Ernest (Moose) Johnson (player)

Duncan McMillan (Mickey) MacKay (player)

Class of 1958

Francois X. (Frank) Boucher (player)

Francis M. (King) Clancy (player)

Sprague Cleghorn (player)

Alex Connell (player)

George S. Dudley (builder)

Mervyn (Red) Dutton (player)

Frank C. Foyston (player)

Frank Fredrickson (player)

Herbert Martin (Herb) Gardiner (player)

George William Hay (player)

James Dickenson (Dick) Irvin (player)

Ivan Wilfred (Ching) Johnson (player)

Gordon Blanchard (Duke) Keats (player)

Frederick Hugh (Hughie) Lehman (player)

George McNamara (player)

Patrick Joseph (Paddy) Moran (player)

James Norris Sr. (builder)

Frank A. Patrick (builder)

Allan W. Pickard (builder)

Sen. Donat Raymond (builder)

Conn Smythe (builder)

Lloyd Turner (builder)

Class of 1959

September 5, 1959

John James (Jack) Adams (player)

Cyril Joseph (Cy) Denneny (player)

Cecil R. (Tiny) Thompson (player)

1945-59 | 1960-69 | 1970-79 | 1980-89 | 1990-99 | 2000-09 | 2010-19 | 2020 - Present

Class of 1960

September 8, 1960

Charles F. Adams (builder)

George (Buck) Boucher (player)

Gen. John R. Kilpatrick (builder)

Sylvio Mantha (player)

Frank J. Selke (builder)

John Phillip (Jack) Walker (player)

Class of 1961

August 26, 1961

Charles Joseph Sylvanus (Syl) Apps (player)

George V. Brown (builder)

Charles William (Charlie) Conacher (player)

Clarence (Happy) Day (player)

E. S. (Chaucer) Elliott (referee)

George Hainsworth (player)

Joseph Henry (Joe) Hall (player)

F. J. (Mickey) Ion (referee)

Percy LeSueur (player)

Paul Loicq (builder)

Frank Rankin (player)

Joseph Henri Maurice (The Rocket) Richard (player)

Milton Conrad (Milt) Schmidt (player)

Oliver Levi Seibert (player)

J. Cooper Smeaton (referee)

Bruce Stuart (player)

Fred C. Waghorne (builder)

Class of 1962

August 25, 1962

T. Franklin Ahearn (builder)

Harry L. (Punch) Broadbent (player)

Walter A. Brown (builder)

Harold Hugh (Harry) Cameron (player)

Samuel Russell (Rusty) Crawford (player)

John Proctor (Jack) Darragh (player)

James Henry (Jimmy) Gardner (player)

Hamilton Livingston (Billy) Gilmour (player)

Wilfred Thomas (Shorty) Green (player)

William Milton (Riley) Hern (player)

Charles Thomas (Tom) Hooper (player)

Fred J. Hume (builder)

John Bower (Bouse) Hutton (player)

Harrold M (Harry) Hyland (player)

Jean Baptiste (Jack) Laviolette (player)

Fred G. (Steamer) Maxwell (player)

William George (Billy) McGimsie (player)

Edward Reginald (Reg) Noble (player)

James D. Norris (builder)

J. Ambrose O'Brien (builder)

Didier Pitre (player)

Michael J. Rodden (referee)

J. D. (Jack) Ruttan (player)

David (Sweeney) Schriner (player)

Harold Joseph (Bullet Joe) Simpson (player)

Alfred E. (Alf) Smith (player)

Frank D. Smith (builder)

Russell (Barney) Stanley (player)

Nelson (Old Poison) Stewart (player)

Martin (Marty) Walsh (player)

Harry E. (Moose) Watson (player)

Harry (Rat) Westwick (player)

Frederick Whitcroft (player)

Gordon Allan (Phat) Wilson (player)

Class of 1963

August 24, 1963

Leo J. V. Dandurand (builder)

Ebenezer Ralston (Ebbie) Goodfellow (player)

T. P. (Tommy) Gorman (builder)

R. W. (Bobby) Hewitson (referee)

Maj. Frederic McLaughlin (builder)

A. Joseph (Joe) Primeau (player)

Earl Walter Seibert (player)

Class of 1964

August 29, 1964

Douglas Wagner (Doug) Bentley (player)

Angus D. Campbell (builder)

W. L. (Bill) Chadwick (referee)

Frank Dilio (builder)

William Ronald (Bill) Durnan (player)

Albert Charles (Babe) Siebert (player)

John Sherratt (Black Jack) Stewart (player)

Class of 1965

August 28, 1965

Martin A. (Marty) Barry (player)

Clinton S. Benedict (player)

Arthur F. Farrel (player)

George Reginald (Red) Horner (player)

Sydney Harris (Syd) Howe (player)

Foster W. Hewitt (builder)

T. F. (Tommy) Lockhart (builder)

John C. (Jack) Marshall (player)

William (Bill) Mosienko (player)

Blair Russel (player)

Ernest (Ernie) Russell (player)

Fredrick (Fred) Scanlan (player)

Class of 1966

August 27, 1966

Maxwell Herbert Lloyd Bentley (player)

Hector (Toe) Blake (player)

Emile (Butch) Bouchard (player)

Francis Charles (Frank) Brimsek (player)

Clarence S. Campbell (builder)

Theodre Samuel (Ted Teeder) Kennedy (player)

Elmer James Lach (player)

Robert Blake Theodore (Ted) Lindsay (player)

Walter (Babe) Pratt (player)

Kenneth Joseph (Kenny) Reardon (player)

Class of 1967

September 2, 1967

Walter Edward (Turk) Broda (player)

Neil McNeil Colville (player)

Harold (Harry) Oliver (player)

R. A. (Red) Storey (referee)

Class of 1968

June 11, 1968

William Mailes (Bill) Cowley (player)

J. A. (Jimmy) Dunn (builder)

J. C. V. (Jim) Hendy (builder)

Class of 1969

August 21, 1969

Sidney Gerald (Sid) Abel (player)

Bryan Aldwyn Hextall (player)

Leonard Patrick (Red) Kelly (player)

G. A. (Al) Leader (builder)

Bruce A. Norris (builder)

Roy (Shrimp) Worters (player)

1945-59 | 1960-69 | 1970-79 | 1980-89 | 1990-99 | 2000-09 | 2010-19 | 2020 - Present

Class of 1970

August 27, 1970

Cecil Henry (Babe) Dye (player)

William Alexander (Bill) Gadsby (player)

Thomas Christian (Tom) Johnson (player)

Robert (Bob) LeBel (builder)

Class of 1971

August 26, 1971

Harvey (Busher) Jackson (player)

Gordon Roberts (player)

Terrance Gordon (Terry) Sawchuk (player)

Ralph (Cooney) Weiland (player)

Arthur M. Wirtz (builder)

Class of 1972

August 24, 1972

Weston W. Sr. Adams (builder)

Jean Arthur Beliveau (player)

Bernard Joseph Andre (Boom Boom) Geoffrion (player)

Harry (Hap) Holmes (player)

Gordon (Gordie) Howe (player)

Reginald (Hooley) Smith (player)

Class of 1973

August 23, 1973

Douglas Norman Harvey (player)

Sen. Hartland deM. Molson (builder)

Claude Earl (Chuck) Rayner (player)

Thomas J. Smith (player)

Frank Udvari (referee)

Class of 1974

August 22, 1974

William (Billy) Burch (player)

Arthur Edmund (Art) Coulter (player)

Thomas Dunderdale (player)

Charles Hay (builder)

Thomas N. Ivan (builder)

Richard Winston (Dickie) Moore (player)

Anatoli V. Tarasov (builder)

Carl P. Voss (builder)

Class of 1975

August 28, 1975

George Edward (Chief) Armstrong (player)

Irvine Wallace (Ace) Bailey (player)

Frank Buckland (builder)

Gordon Arthur Drillon (player)

Glenn Henry Hall (player)

W. M. (Bill) Jennings (builder)

Pierre Paul Pilote (player)

Class of 1976

August 26, 1976

John William (Johnny) Bower (player)

John L. (Jack) Gibson (builder)

Hubert George (Bill) Quackenbush (player)

Philip D. Ross (builder)

William W. Wirtz (builder)

Class of 1977

August 25, 1977

J. F. (Bunny) Ahearne (builder)

Harold E. Ballard (builder)

Joseph Cattarinich (builder)

Alexander Peter (Alex) Delvecchio (player)

Miles Gilbert (Tim) Horton (player)

Class of 1978

September 13, 1978

Andrew James (Andy) Bathgate (player)

John P. Bickell (builder)

Joseph Jacques (Jake the Snake) Plante (player)

Sam Pollock (builder)

Marcel Pronovost (player)

William Thayer Tutt (builder)

Class of 1979

September 12, 1979

Henry Vernon (Harry) Howell (player)

Gordon W. Juckes (builder)

Robert Gordon (Bobby) Orr (player)

Joseph Henri (Pocket Rocket) Richard (player)

1945-59 | 1960-69 | 1970-79 | 1980-89 | 1990-99 | 2000-09 | 2010-19 | 2020 - Present

Class of 1980

September 8, 1980

J. A. (Jack) Butterfield (builder)

Harry (Apple Cheeks) Lumley (player)

Joseph Lynn Patrick (player)

Lorne John (Gump) Worsley (player)

Class of 1981

September 15, 1981

John G. Ashley (referee)

John Paul (Johnny) Bucyk (player)

Francis William (Frank) Mahovlich (player)

Allan Herbert Stanley (player)

Class of 1982

September 15, 1982

Yvan Serge (Roadrunner) Cournoyer (player)

Emile P. Francis (builder)

Rodrigue Gabriel (Rod) Gilbert (player)

Norman Victor Alexander (Norm) Ullman (player)

Class of 1983

September 22, 1983

Kenneth Wayne Dryden (player)

Robert Marvin (Bobby) Hull (player)

Stanley (Stan) Mikita (player)

Harry J. Sinden (builder)

Class of 1984

September 25, 1984

Philip Anthony (Phil) Esposito (player)

George (Punch) Imlach (builder)

Jacques Gerard Lemaire (player)

John Calverley (Jake) Milford (builder)

Bernard Marcel (Bernie) Parent (player)

Class of 1985

September 12, 1985

Gerald Michael (Gerry) Cheevers (player)

John Mariucci (builder)

Murray Bert Olmstead (player)

Rudy Pilous (builder)

Joseph Gilbert Yvon (Jean) Ratelle (player)

Class of 1986

September 10, 1986

Leo Joseph Boivin (player)

William (Bill) Hanley (builder)

David Michael Keon (player)

Serge Aubrey Savard (player)

Class of 1987

June 15, 1987

Robert Earle (Bobby) Clarke (player)

Edward (Eddie, Fast Eddie) Giacomin (player)

Joseph Jacques Hughes Laperriere (player)

M. I. (Matt) Pavelich (linesman)

John A. Ziegler, Jr. (builder)

Class of 1988

September 7, 1988

Anthony James (Tony) Esposito (player)

George Hayes (linesman)

Guy Damien Lafleur (player)

Herbert William (Buddy) O’Connor (player)

Douglas Bradford (Brad) Park (player)

Edward M. Snider (builder)

Class of 1989

ctober 3, 1989

Father David Bauer (builder)

Herbert (Herbie) Lewis (player)

Darryl Glen Sittler (player)

Vladislav Aleksandrovich Tretiak (player)

1945-59 | 1960-69 | 1970-79 | 1980-89 | 1990-99 | 2000-09 | 2010-19 | 2020 - Present

Class of 1990

September 24, 1990

William Charles (Bill) Barber (player)

Ferdinand Charles (Fernie) Flaman (player)

Gilbert (Gil) Perreault (player)

Norman R. (Bud) Poile (builder)

Class of 1991

September 23, 1991

Neil P. Armstrong (referee)

Michael (Mike) Bossy (player)

William Scott (Scotty) Bowman (builder)

Denis Charles Potvin (player)

Robert Jesse (Bob) Pulford (player)

Clinton James Smith (player)

Class of 1992

September 21, 1992

Keith Allen (builder)

Marcel Elphege Dionne (player)

Woodrow Wilson Clarence (Woody) Dumart (player)

Robert Michael (Bob) Gainey (player)

R. (Bob) Johnson (builder)

Frank S. Mathers (builder)

Lanny King McDonald (player)

Class of 1993

November 16, 1993

John D’Amico (linesman)

Frank A. Griffiths (builder)

Seymour H., III Knox (builder)

Guy Gerard Lapointe (player)

Edgar Louis Laprade (player)

Frederick Page (builder)

Stephen John Shutt (player)

William (Bill) John Smith (player)

Class of 1994

November 15, 1994

Lionel Pretoria Conacher (player)

Brian Francis O'Neill (builder)

Harry Percival (Whipper) Watson (player)

Class of 1995

November 21, 1995

Frederick Joseph (Bun) Cook (player)

Larry Robinson (player)

Gunther Sabetzki (builder)

Bill Torrey (builder)

Class of 1996

November 15, 1996

Alger Joseph (Al) Arbour (builder)

Robert Theodore (Bobby) Bauer (player)

Anders Borje Salming (player)

Class of 1997

November 17, 1997

Mario Lemieux (player)

Glen Cameron Sather (builder)

Bryan John Trottier (player)

Class of 1998

November 16, 1998

Roy Gordon Conacher (player)

Michel Goulet (player)

Monsignor Athol (Père) Murray (builder)

Peter Stastny (player)

Class of 1999

November 22, 1999

Wayne Douglas Gretzky (player)

Ian "Scotty" Morrison (builder)

Andy Van Hellemond (referee)

1945-59 | 1960-69 | 1970-79 | 1980-89 | 1990-99 | 2000-09 | 2010-19 | 2020 - Present

Class of 2000

November 13, 2000

Walter L. Bush (builder)

Joseph Mullen (player)

Denis Savard (player)

Class of 2001

November 21, 2001

Viacheslav Fetisov (player)

Michael Alfred Gartner (player)

Dale Hawerchuk (player)

Jari Pekka Kurri (player)

Craig Patrick (builder)

Class of 2002

November 4, 2002

Bernard Allan Federko (player)

Clark Gillies (player)

Rod Corry Langway (player)

Roger Paul Neilson (builder)

Class of 2003

November 3, 2003

Grant Fuhr (player)

Mike Ilitch (builder)

Brian Kilrea (builder)

Pat LaFontaine (player)

Class of 2004

November 8, 2004

Ray Bourque (player)

Paul Coffey (player)

Cliff Fletcher (builder)

Larry Murphy (player)

Class of 2005

November 7, 2005

Murray Costello (builder)

Valeri Kharlamov (player)

Cam Neely (player)

Class of 2006

November 13, 2006

Herb Brooks (builder)

Dick Duff (player)

Harley Hotchkiss (builder)

Patrick Roy (player)

Class of 2007

November 12, 2007

Ron Francis (player)

Jim Gregory (builder)

Al MacInnis (player)

Mark Messier (player)

Scott Stevens (player)

Class of 2008

November 10, 2008

Glenn Anderson (player)

Ed Chynoweth (builder)

Igor Larionov (player)

Ray Scapinello (linesman)

Class of 2009

November 9, 2009

Brett Hull (player)

Lou Lamoriello (builder)

Brian Leetch (player)

Luc Robitaille (player)

Steve Yzerman (player)

1945-59 | 1960-69 | 1970-79 | 1980-89 | 1990-99 | 2000-09 | 2010-19 | 2020 - Present

Class of 2010

November 8, 2010

Dino Ciccarelli (player)

Jim Devellano (builder)

Cammi Granato (player)

Angela James (player)

Daryl “Doc” Seaman (builder)

Class of 2011

November 14, 2011

Ed Belfour (player)

Doug Gilmour (player)

Mark Howe (player)

Joe Nieuwendyk (player)

Class of 2012

November 12, 2012

Pavel Bure (player)

Adams Oates (player)

Joe Sakic (player)

Mats Sundin (player)

Class of 2013

November 11, 2013

Chris Chelios (player)

Geraldine Heaney (player)

Scott Niedermayer (player)

Brendan Shanahan (player)

Fred Shero (builder)

Class of 2014

November 17, 2014

Rob Blake (player)

Pat Burns (builder)

Peter Forsberg (player)

Dominik Hasek (player)

Bill McCreary (referee)

Mike Modano (player)

Class of 2015

November 9, 2015

Sergei Fedorov (player)

Bill Hay (builder)

Phil Housley (player)

Peter Karmanos Jr. (builder)

Nicklas Lidstrom (player)

Chris Pronger (player)

Angela Ruggiero (player)

Class of 2016

November 14, 2016

Eric Lindros (player)

Sergei Makarov (player)

Pat Quinn (builder)

Rogatien Vachon (player)

Class of 2017

November 13, 2017

Dave Andreychuk (player)

Clare Drake (builder)

Danielle Goyette (player)

Jeremy Jacobs (builder)

Paul Kariya (player)

Mark Recchi (player)

Teemu Selanne (player)

Class of 2018

November 12, 2018

Gary Bettman (builder)

Martin Brodeur (player)

Jayna Hefford (player)

Willie O’Ree (builder)

Martin St. Louis (player)

Aleksander Yakushev (player)

Class of 2019

November 18, 2019

Guy Carbonneau (player)

Vaclav Nedomansky (player)

Jim Rutherford (builder)

Hayley Wickenheiser (player)

Jerry York (builder)

Sergei Zubov (player)

1945-59 | 1960-69 | 1970-79 | 1980-89 | 1990-99 | 2000-09 | 2010-19 | 2020 - Present

Class of 2020

Ken Holland (builder)

Marian Hossa (player)

Jarome Iginla (player)

Kevin Lowe (player)

Kim St-Pierre (player)

Doug Wilson (player)