Staff Directory
Senior Management

President and Chief Executive Officer
Vice-President, Development and Building Operations
Vice-President, Marketing and Attraction Services
Vice President, Resource Centre and Curator
Program Director, HHOF Development Association
Director, Corporate and Media Relations
Accounting, IT and Office Services

Manager, Information Systems
Treasurer, Controller and Office Manager
Technical Specialist, Desktops, Servers and Networks
Junior Accountant
General Accountant
Museum Support Specialist
Executive Assistant, Corporate and Media Relations
Development and Building Operations

Manager, Building Services and Maintenance
Audio-Visual Specialist
Creative Director and Curatorial Associate
Marketing and Attraction Services

Manager, Merchandising and Retail Operations
Manager, Marketing and Promotions
Manager, Special Events and Hospitality
Manager, Guest Services and Public Relations
Co-ordinator, Special Events and Hospitality
Co-ordinator, Digital and Social Media
Co-ordinator, Digital and Social Media
Associate Manager, Retail Services
Associate Manager, Marketing and Group Sales
Associate Manager, Guest Services
Resource Centre

Manager, Special Projects & International Business
Manager, Resource Centre and Archives
Manager, Outreach Exhibits and Assistant Curator
Co-ordinator, HHOF Images and Archival Services
Archivist and Collections Registrar
Co-ordinator, Outreach and Curatorial Services