Hockey Hall of Fame Establishes New Endowment Fund

Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF), in conjunction with its 75/25 Anniversary Celebrations in 2018 and with a view to future growth and sustainability, has established a new endowment fund to be known as the Hockey Hall of Fame Development and Preservation Fund (the “Fund”).

HHOF’s initial 5-year Fund capital goal is to raise $10,000,000 for the purpose of generating a perpetual income stream to support capital investment, outreach programs and institutional legacy projects (in each instance as more specifically defined as “Permitted Purpose(s)” and subject to various restrictions contained in HHOF’s By-law No. 27).

The Fund investment account was activated by a $1,000,000 direct seed contribution from the National Hockey League (Q4/2017) and a further $1,000,000 was transferred into the Fund from the net proceeds of HHOF’s 75/25 Anniversary Inaugural Endowment Fundraising Campaign (Q3/2018).

Permitted Purpose(s) of the Fund

(excerpt from HHFM By-law No. 27)

    • the acquisition, design, development, fabrication, production, transport, installation, enhancement and/or replacement of exhibits (including those composed of or based on historic artifacts, memorabilia, imagery, audio-visual/multi-media content, interactive games and/or other digital technology) for the Hockey Hall of Fame, wherever displayed, stored or transported;
    • the acquisition, design, development, construction, enhancement and/or replacement of premises for the Hockey Hall of Fame, whether for museum, archival or other related purposes, including the installation of improvements and fixtures therein;
    • the acquisition, collection, care, repair, enhancement and/or preservation of artifacts, memorabilia, archival materials, artworks and other historic objects for the Hockey Hall of Fame, including the cataloguing and digital archiving/records management thereof;
    • the development and/or fulfillment of special outreach initiatives in connection with the Hockey Hall of Fame, whether for travelling exhibitions, educational programs, programs to promote and facilitate youth participation and/or programs to enhance public access to archival and museum collections, including related software development;
    • the development and/or production of audio-visual/multi-media content or theatrical presentations for use in connection with the Hockey Hall of Fame, whether for museum, archival, educational, promotional and/or commercial licensing purposes; and
    • making payments on account of the Corporation’s operating deficits, if any, from time to time.
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The institutional purpose of the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF) is to honour and memorialize individuals who have brought special distinction to the game of hockey and those who made outstanding contributions to the development and advancement of hockey anywhere in the world, and to collect, research, preserve, exhibit and promote objects, images and other historical materials connected with the game at all levels.

Continued under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and designated as a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada), HHOF owns and operates a museum and place of entertainment offering state-of-the-art exhibits, theatrical presentations and educational programming from its leased premises at Brookfield Place, Toronto, Ontario, as well as a co-dependent resource centre and archive facility (named the “D.K. (Doc) Seaman Hockey Resource Centre”) located at 400 Kipling Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

HHOF is celebrated world-wide as the model for innovation and efficiencies in the sport halls of fame and museum field. Its location at the corner of Yonge and Front Streets, the primary gateway to downtown Toronto in close proximity to Scotiabank Arena, Rogers Centre and one of North America’s busiest commuter transportation hubs (Union Station), renders unparalleled access and visibility amongst industry peers. Now in its second of five terms on a 99-year lease at Brookfield Place (renewed through 2032), HHOF’s growth and development depends to a large degree on private sector sponsorships and contributions. Through the generous support of businesses and individuals, HHOF will continue to preserve the rich history of the game of hockey, as well as entertain and educate hockey fans of all ages for generations to come.


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