About This Service

Images On Ice is a digital photography service for news media, publishers and licensees. This Service is operated by Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum ("HHOF"), Brookfield Place, Toronto, Canada in partnership with the International Ice Hockey Federation ("IIHF"). In September 2006, HHOF and IIHF entered into a "Cooperation Agreement" whereby HHOF shall provide photographic assignment, archiving and distribution services on behalf of IIHF in connection with world championship ice hockey events ("IIHF Images"). In addition to "IIHF Images", this Service also provides access to over 50,000 NHL historic images from HHOF's vast archival collections ("HHOF Images"). Click here for more information regarding "HHOF Images". This Service is solely intended for news media, publishers and other commercial entities licensed by HHOF and/or IIHF. All reproduction and use of the photographic images contained in the Service shall be subject to the confirmation of a License Agreement prior to each specific use. Any use of such photographic images not expressly authorized by a License Agreement or in breach of any term of a valid License Agreement constitutes copyright infringement for which HHOF/IIHF may exercise all rights and remedies available to it pursuant to copyright laws throughout the world. This Service is subject to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service via