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Spengler Cup History

The Spengler Cup is the oldest European tournament for club teams. The Cup was donated by Dr. Carl Spengler of Davos, Switzerland in 1923 with the understanding that Germany and Austria would be able to represent themselves internationally with the best club teams. (At the time, those country's national teams were banned from official International Ice Hockey Federation competitions in the wake of World War I).

The Spengler Cup is played every year in Davos, Switzerland between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Five teams participate in the tournament, with a select team from Canada usually included. (Canada first competed at the Spengler Cup in 1984). The Rochester Americans of the American Hockey League were the first North American professional team to compete at the tournament when they took part in 1996 and finished fourth.

After a round-robin series, the top two teams meet in the final game.


2011 SKA St. Petersburg(Russia)
2010 SKA St. Petersburg(Russia)
2009 HC Dynamo Moscow(Russia)
2008 Team Canada(Canada)
2006 HC Davos(Switzerland)
2005 HC Metallurg Magnitogorsk(Russia)
2004 HC Davos(Switzerland)
2003 Team Canada(Canada)
2002 Team Canada(Canada)
2001 HC Davos(Switzerland)
2000 HC Davos(Switzerland)
1999 Kolner Haie(Germany)
1998 Team Canada(Canada)
1997 Team Canada(Canada)
1996 Team Canada(Canada)
1995 Team Canada(Canada)
1994 Farjestad Karlstad(Sweden)
1993 Farjestad Karlstad(Sweden)
1992 Team Canada(Canada)
1991 CSKA Moscow(Russia)
1990 Spartak Moscow(USSR)
1989 Spartak Moscow(USSR)
1988 USA Selects(USA)
1987 Team Canada(Canada)
1986 Team Canada(Canada)
1985 Spartak Moscow(USSR)
1984 Team Canada(Canada)
1983 Dynamo Moscow(USSR)
1982 Dukla Jihlava(Czechoslovakia)
1981 Spartak Moscow(USSR)
1980 Spartak Moscow(USSR)
1979 Krylja Sovetov Moscow(USSR)
1978 Dukla Jihlava(Czechoslovakia)
1977 SKA Leningrad(USSR)
1976 USSR National B Team(USSR)
1975 Czech. Olympic Team(Czechoslovakia)
1974 Slovan Bratislava(Czechoslovakia)
1973 Slovan Bratislava(Czechoslovakia)
1972 SKA Leningrad(USSR)
1971 SKA Leningrad(USSR)
1970 SKA Leningrad(USSR)
1969 Lokomotiv Moscow(USSR)
1968 Dukla Jihlava(Czechoslovakia)
1967 Lokomotiv Moscow(USSR)
1966 Dukla Jihlava(Czechoslovakia)
1965 Dukla Jihlava(Czechoslovakia)
1964 EV Fussen(West Germany)
1963 Spartak Sokolovo Praha(Czechoslovakia)
1962 Spartak Sokolovo Praha(Czechoslovakia)
1961 ACBB Paris(France)
1960 ACBB Paris(France)
1959 ACBB Paris(France)
1958 HC Davos(Switzerland)
1957 HC Davos(Switzerland)
1955 Ruda Hvezda Brno(Czechoslovakia)
1954 HC Milano Inter(Italy)
1953 HC Milano Inter(Italy)
1952 EV Fussen(West Germany)
1951 HC Davos(Switzerland)
1950 HC Diavoli Rosso Neri(Italy)
1948 LTC Praha(Czechoslovakia)
1947 LTC Praha(Czechoslovakia)
1946 LTC Praha(Czechoslovakia)
1945 Zurcher SC(Switzerland)
1944 Zurcher SC(Switzerland)
1943 HC Davos(Switzerland)
1942 HC Davos(Switzerland)
1941 HC Davos(Switzerland)
1938 HC Davos(Switzerland)
1937 LTC Praha(Czechoslovakia)
1936 HC Davos(Switzerland)
1935 HC Diavoli Rosso Neri(Italy)
1934 HC Diavoli Rosso Neri(Italy)
1933 HC Davos(Switzerland)
1932 LTC Praha &
Oxford University IHC
(Czechoslovakia &
Great Britain)
1931 Oxford University IHC(Great Britain)
1930 LTC Praha(Czechoslovakia)
1929 LTC Praha(Czechoslovakia)
1928 Berliner SC(Germany)
1927 HC Davos(Switzerland)
1926 Berliner SC(Germany)
1925 Oxford University IHC(Great Britain)
1924 Berliner SC(Germany)
1923 Oxford University IHC(Great Britain)
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